Lets aim to make more Doers than Beneficiaries


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Invitation to join THIRD SECTOR PARTNER'S PROGRAMME of INDIA Redefined - Please fill attached form

Best Humanitarian Initiative 2009 award winner INDIA Redefined (IR) www.indiaredefined.org is a voluntary movement started five years back, aiming to make more "Doers" than beneficiaries. It has now emerged as a Common United Platform (CUP) of Collective Responsibility of the four pillars of a nation - Citizens, Corporate, NGOs & Government to create a HAPPY INDIA. INDIA Redefined (IR) has an inclusive vision of HAPPY INDIA, which is an amalgamation multiple visions. We firmly believe that to make India a Happy Country, a singular approach is not enough. But that does not mean that people, groups and NGOs working single-mindedly with a focused approach should not do so. Country needs groups with expertise and specialization in specific field, be it education, environment, poverty, rural development, health or any other. IR aims to create a broad based platform where Citizens, NGOs, Social Enterprises, Corporate Bodies, Experts and Govt. Agencies can come together. Partnering and bringing NGOs on this platform is an important aspect to create depth in each of the specific areas. INDIA Redefined platform can become an enabler for collaborations and synergy between various NGOs, organizations and agencies doing brilliant work to create a multi-pronged approach for improving our country. The impact and effect of such a unified platform, where various NGOs work in tandem, can magnify the results manifolds which may not be possible to achieve for a lone organization.

Why collaborate?

For example, if two NGOs think there are different ways to address poverty, why not pursue those in different ways at different levels? Collaboration tries to overcome obstacles of working in a solitary manner - NGOs may disagree on both where they are actually going and how to get there. Specialization capitalizes on these differences among NGOs and on the comparative advantage that NGOs have vis--vis govt. departments or its agencies: their small size. Small, differentiated agencies may be able to experiment, to innovate, and to work at many different levels of the "change process." Of course, for either collaboration or specialization to work, there has to be a mechanism for exchanging information and learning from mistakes. Collaboration is only valuable when the costs are less than the added benefit that collaboration will bring to fulfilling the organization's mission. In other words - first you define your identity so you can specialize (i.e., in your mission), then you collaborate if it makes you more effective. This means that like-minded organizations will collaborate around specific issues of individual benefit; ideally each will contribute according to its specialty. Various NGOs, Rotary Clubs, Lions-Lioness Clubs etc. are associated with our Third Sector Partnership Program (TSPP) on INDIA Redefined collaborative platform. NGOs interested in joining the Third Sector Partnership Program should send the attached form duly filled along with their clear logo to [email protected] Please also read the attached document on TSPP.

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Ranjana Kanti (Founder)

INDIA Redefined


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"Lets aim to make more Doers than Beneficiaries "

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