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Invitation to join THIRD SECTOR PARTNER'S PROGRAMME of INDIA Redefined - Please fill attached form

Best Humanitarian Initiative 2009 award winner INDIA Redefined (IR) www.indiaredefined.org is a voluntary movement started five years back, aiming to make more "Doers" than beneficiaries. It has now emerged as a Common United Platform (CUP) of Collective Responsibility of the four pillars of a nation - Citizens, Corporate, NGOs & Government to create a HAPPY INDIA. INDIA Redefined (IR) has an inclusive vision of HAPPY INDIA, which is an amalgamation multiple visions. We firmly believe that to make India a Happy Country, a singular approach is not enough. But that does not mean that people, groups and NGOs working single-mindedly with a focused approach should not do so. Country needs groups with expertise and specialization in specific field, be it education, environment, poverty, rural development, health or any other. IR aims to create a broad based platform where Citizens, NGOs, Social Enterprises, Corporate Bodies, Experts and Govt. Agencies can come together. Partnering and bringing NGOs on this platform is an important aspect to create depth in each of the specific areas. INDIA Redefined platform can become an enabler for collaborations and synergy between various NGOs, organizations and agencies doing brilliant work to create a multi-pronged approach for improving our country. The impact and effect of such a unified platform, where various NGOs work in tandem, can magnify the results manifolds which may not be possible to achieve for a lone organization.

Why collaborate?

For example, if two NGOs think there are different ways to address poverty, why not pursue those in different ways at different levels? Collaboration tries to overcome obstacles of working in a solitary manner - NGOs may disagree on both where they are actually going and how to get there. Specialization capitalizes on these differences among NGOs and on the comparative advantage that NGOs have vis-à-vis govt. departments or its agencies: their small size. Small, differentiated agencies may be able to experiment, to innovate, and to work at many different levels of the "change process." Of course, for either collaboration or specialization to work, there has to be a mechanism for exchanging information and learning from mistakes. Collaboration is only valuable when the costs are less than the added benefit that collaboration will bring to fulfilling the organization's mission. In other words - first you define your identity so you can specialize (i.e., in your mission), then you collaborate if it makes you more effective. This means that like-minded organizations will collaborate around specific issues of individual benefit; ideally each will contribute according to its specialty. Various NGOs, Rotary Clubs, Lions-Lioness Clubs etc. are associated with our Third Sector Partnership Program (TSPP) on INDIA Redefined collaborative platform. NGOs interested in joining the Third Sector Partnership Program should send the attached form duly filled along with their clear logo to [email protected]. Please also read the attached document on TSPP.

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Ranjana Kanti (Founder)

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"Lets aim to make more Doers than Beneficiaries "

Disclaimer: INDIA Redefined is a people's movement to create "Doers". You have received this message because you or someone known to you have shown an interest in INDIA Redefined. If you are not interested in the objectives of IR you are requested to delete this message, block the sender's email id, and disconnect from INDIA Redefined groups or forums on the web. Thank you.

जागृत भारत का मतलब हमें सिर्फ अपने अधिकरों की बात ना करके अपने कर्तव्‍यों के प्रति भी जागरुक होना होगा। अब तक कर्तव्‍यों की बात को लेकर कोई आन्‍दोलन नहीं हुआ जो भी हुए केवल अध्किारों को लेकर कयोंकि यह बात करना ज्‍यादा सरल है। भ्रष्‍टाचार को हम अपने अच्‍छे कार्यो से ही खत्‍म कर सकते है। इसके लिए INDIA Redefined www.indiaredefined.org के जरिए सभी को एक मंच पर एकत्र किया जा रहा है। यदि हम सब कोरपोरेट, सरकारी, एनजीओ ओर अन्‍य संगठन अपने कर्तव्‍यों का समय पर और ईमारदारी से पूरा करे तो देश को सशक्‍त बना सकते है। हम अपने कर्मों से ही आगे बढ सकते है किसी नेता के सहारे नहीं।अन्‍ना हजारे जैसे कुछेक नेताओं ने अपने देश को जगाने और एकत्र करने का महत्‍वपूर्ण कार्य किया। यदि इनके चाहने वाले भी इसी तरह काम करें तो किसी नेता की जरुरत नही। अन्‍तत हमे किसी तरह के नेताओं पर आश्रित ना हो कर स्‍वयं पहल करते हुए भ्रष्‍टाचार मुक्‍त देश बनाना होगा।

Please Help in getting associated with corporate heads & PSUs, CSR heads as our ngo INDIA Redefined has very innovative social sector csr projects. Ngo INDIA Redefined extending towards Globe Redefined with 1300000 ( 13 lakh ) supporters, 450 ngo partners, experts ,technology providers,implementation partners,project professionals all over India and many other countries too with innovative projects for social sector & with csr funding implement in any state.

If you are ngo - NGOs & Rotary Clubs, Lions-Lioness Clubs can be associated with our 3rd Sector Partnership Program given on website .We can be their implementation partners too. For becoming our 3rd sec partners,NGOs can send details.If you want to be NGO partner of NGO INDIA Redefined please fill up ngo partnership form given on website www.indiaredefined.org Ngo INDIA Redefined has 450 ngo partners. Give your projects as INDIA Redefined partner projects to pitch to corporate. All projects are done on INDIA Redefined banner putting your name and logo on it. Ngos can otherwise too raise funds if they do their projects on our banner. In that case we do not take anything from them. Give us projects . Write it as INDIA Redefined partner ngo project. We will pitch. You also pitch same way as INDIA Redefined partner ngo project.There are chances to get funding as our partner.

Organizations who are selling any products or technology or services can fill up our empanelment form from website and make a social sector project as INDIA Redefined partner projects adding costs of our teams of experts technology providers or implementation partners,ngos if needed. . I will myself give leads of csr heads whom they can approach for funding . In their costing add some extra for our team who will be implementing those projects. Same thing ngos can do by filling our ngo partnership form from website . Make their social sector projects like INDIA Redefined partner ngo projects adding cost of our team who will help in implementation and take leads from us of csr heads to pich those projects. INDIA Redefined Citizens Movement is slowly becoming Anti Corruption movement too- like a pressure group. Invitation for Organizations, Citizens, Ngos, Students ,Experts, Technology providers,implementation partners , Corporate to come onboard with NGO INDIA Redefined (IR), extending for GLOBE Redefined under the aegis of Safed Trust (12A, 80G, CSR Registration), has evolved like a Citizens Empowerment Movement during the last 13 years, bringing together over 1300000 (13 lakhs) supporters and a host of experts and implementation partners in various social development verticals spread over 24 states of India. Join as Doers, CSR Partners, Coordinators, Media Partners ,Volunteers or Funding Partners . Students can do internship. INDIA Redefined started, during the Phase I from 2009, by engaging Common People - making them “Doers”.Phase II consisted of partnering with a wide variety of grassroots NGOs through our ‘Third Sector Partnership’ and conducting numerous social activities and initiatives with them over the last 6 years. During this period IR developed the capability as a mother NGO to guide, advice and ensure operationalization of projects in various verticals these NGOs were working on. These verticals (not limited to) are broadly stated as below – 1. Clean India - Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH), Waste Management, Air, Water, Soil Pollution etc. 2. Educate India - Primary, Secondary, Adult education, Skill Development, Digital Education, Teacher's Training etc. 3. Green India - Environment, Renewable Energy, Sustainability, Bio Diversity, Eco farming, Forestation etc. 4. Healthy India - mHealth, Telemedicine, Rural Health Care, Emergency Response Training & Support and other health related areas etc. Now in 2022 as our Phase III, we are initiating Citizens Corporate Collective Responsibility by engaging with corporate bodies . INDIA Redefined would be happy to associate with you in making your CSR programs more diverse, vibrant and effective.

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Ranjana Kanti (Founder)INDIA Redefined contact@indiaredefined.org

To control vote bank of corrupt politicians Apply for Coordinators for INDIA Redefined www.indiaredefined.org C.U.R.E INDIA Campaign (Citizens United for Redefining & Empowering India) "Ek Ka Dus" Campaign -To break up the vote bank politics of the Politicians. Ek ka Dus is about Making 10 illiterate underprivileged followers of one educated person. All he has to do is to make some difference in lives of those 10 underprivileged by doing some social work for them and make them his followers. So that during Elections that Educated person can mentor and guide them to give their votes to right people. No corrupt politician can buy their votes. This did work during every elections. As volunteer of CURE India - You have to actually do some social work activity like teaching poors or cleaning their slums or dirty area or distributing sone essential things etc putting INDIA Redefined CURE India Ek ka Dus poster or banner at the back-send pics so that this campaign is promoted on social media. See details of activities on http://www.indiaredefined.org/documents/Campaigns,Initiatives,ActivitiesAreasofINDIARedefined.pdf or you can make your own social activity of your own choice.Poster Banner designs are given on http://www.indiaredefined.org/downloads.html which you can download and get it printed or draw on chart paper and put while doing activities ..Or you can request for Poster Banner design on [email protected] Take pics promote on social media and send on this mail. This will be also contribution for our Citizens anti corruption movement which is acting like pressure group at many places.Apply for City/ state/ Village Coordinator on mail [email protected] - it is unpaid job. You have to do activities on your own by generating resources . Basic work profile is given on website. But according to your capabilities and vision you have to write what work you can do for one year. There is a poor person on the street. You wear a T-shirt while meeting him & give him the same type of T shirt. Have a cup of Tea or Coffee with him – treat him was equal and with respect. Talk to him and offer to make him computer literate....or something else which you can easily do for him. Once these underprivileged people see that you are making a difference in their lives, they will become your friends and seek your advice. If each literate person can mentor ten and make them his/her followers, that literate person can guide them regarding whom to vote for. This way you can start affecting the growth of the vote bank politics of corrupt politicians. Make a difference in the lives of 10 underprivileged Indians. Counsel, help and guide them. Redefine their life and empower them with your thinking. Then let them make a difference in the lives of ten others and so on. Guide them to vote for the suitable candidate of their choice instead of mass voting dictated by vote bank politics. Ask your domestic help ‘Is her daughter going to school?’ She is quiet ...she ignores the question....you give the answer...explain her the importance of education....find ways to get her daughter educated and take lead to make that happen. Change the life of your Dhobi, Liftman, Guard and gradually they start listening to your advice. Become their guide to make them understand why voting for good candidates will help them - how they get fooled by election time gifts from the political parties each time and what is good for them in long term. But first help them with their problems - education, health, knowledge, love which we all can give them. In this way let us C.U.R.E India - If one works to uplift 10 people around him, he not only uplifts society, he redefines India. "Ek Ka Dus" is the first Initiative of “C.U.R.E. India” campaigns of INDIA Redefined. If you are willing to mentor ten semi-literate or underprivileged Indians, then JOIN INDIA Redefined's C.U.R.E INDIA Campaign - Make a difference in the lives of ten underprivileged Indians and let them become your ten arms. INDIA Redefined is a huge thought process. Honest, upright people who consider themselves Indians, across the world, have come together to grow INDIA Redefined. We want not only to change India, but Indians. Empowering every individual is our core thought.... We think small, we think possible, we think practical. This is the secret of INDIA Redefined’s success.Make a difference in the lives of 10 (ten) underprivileged Indians and let them become your mentee.Council, help and guide them ,Redefine their life and empower them with your thinking.This will also help in breaking the votebank of corrupt politicians, by making those followers vote for honest people in elections.C.U.R.E - Citizen United For Redefining & Empowering India -"Ek Ka Dus" is the first Initiative of C.U.R.E. India - Make a difference in the lives of ten underprivileged Indians and let them become your follower. If you are willing to mentor ten semi illiterate Indians then JOIN INDIA Redefined's C.U.R.E INDIA Campaign - Citizen United for Redefining & Empowering.What is C.U.R.E. India?And what is ek ka dus....??? INDIA Redefined is a huge thought process. All honest, upright people who consider themselves Indian across world came together offline & online to become INDIA Redefine’s They have there thoughts, ideologies & a zeal to make India the best place in the world to live. We all want not only to change India but Indians.Empowering every individual is our core thought.... We think small, we think possible, we think practical This is the secret of INDIA redefined’s success. Think INDIA Redefined as a great tree----C.U.R.E. India as branch---Ek ka dus as a leaf---As said earlier it is about empowering every Indian. Unfortunately India has illiteracy, poverty, malnutrition ,disease all across us. We have to just look around you will find them as part of your life.... e.g.: Ask you kam wali bai is her daughter going to school..she is quite ...she ignores the question....you give the answer Ask the guy whom your garage wala employs what he likes....he tells you he likes to sing... use to play flute in his village. he now washes your car, repairs your punctured tube , looks shabby & works 18 hours a day.... liberate him... When you walk down to thrown the stale stinking fish down the lane left hand corner dust bin which has rotted ,due to power cut ,you see the five year old girl picking food for herself. ever asked who is she...Your daughter asks you " dad why is eating from dustbin"...you ignore her question...no beta she is poor...she has nobody....lets have ice cream... your daughter tells you....Can we buy her one....Buy That girl a ice cream & more, buy her dreams...liberate her This is C.U.R.E India, this is EK KA DUS.... Find such incidence, find such people, find such opportunities , they are hundreds...you have to adopt just ten...Don’t make it difficult...we all understand it...make it simple...EMPOWER...Education, health , knowledge love which we all can give to somebody who don`t have it.... LETS C.U.R.E India --If one guy does 10 good work which uplifts 10 people he is connected ,He or she uplifts the society, he Redefines India.

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