An appeal from India Redefined movement

Please send this message to all the Indians you know.


India Redefined, is asking to fulfill ISR-Individual Social Responsibility, just as CSR is for corporates.



As a citizen of India, we ask you -


Do you want to make India better?


Are you fed up of table-talks with no action?


Are you willing to do your bit for the country?


Are you confused how to do this?



If your answer to any of these is YES, then join


India Redefined


India Redefined ( is a non-political Citizen’s Empowerment movement.  The movement got an award as 'The Best Humanitarian Initiative 2009'. The movement was started to light up the fire in the hearts of very Indian citizen, to be awakened, to exercise their rights and fulfill their obligation & responsibilities. This movement is for those Indians want to change the country into something which they will be proud to hand over to their children tomorrow. Citizen rights have been provided at the cost of some duties and obligations – these could be constitutional, social, civic or societal duties, that must be and should be performed by every citizen of India.  Then only we can demand our rights.



India Redefined draws its inspiration from Gandhian Movement which was a revolution focused on independence. It was also about specific actions like non- cooperation by citizens. We are just trying to apply many Gandhiji's principles’ in this era, in this society and during these times. Maybe in a different flavor! Maybe the context is different! Maybe it’s a different world! But the goal is same! He also wanted India a better place to live in.   


If all of us fellow Indians decide to come together on a common platform like India Redefined, for once leaving our religion, political affiliations, language, state, caste etc. at home, and with a common cause of creating India Redefined as the strongest platform to empower citizens, we really can have INDIA of our dreams. It is a social movement which is more about awareness, responsibility and ownership by all of us. Before we Indians start demanding what government can do for us, we should start thinking what we can do for our country.


Political Parties ask for Votes from common people, India Redefined is asking for only Support, because it is citizen’s movement and not a political party. Political parties claim to work for 100 crore people, but if 100 crore people work for Redefining India – what can stop it from becoming the most powerful country. Put all your goodness on one platform - India Redefined, become the strongest citizen group & make public officials accountable by ensuring better governance, infrastructure and killing the corruption. India Redefined aims to help you fulfill your ISR - Individual Social Responsibility.


Do you require to have any special qualification or skill for Redefining India? Well, you only require -


Love for “INDIA


Passion to be the “Catalyst” of change


Belief in your “Actions”


Trust in others to become as “Committed”


Action to “Change” – yourself and others around you


India Redefined is trying to be the enablers of behavioral change in each of us! We must target the root causes - even if it is going to take longer. If each of us have a behavioral change, we could solve problems like Corruption (Clean, Transparent & Good Governance), Hygiene (Good health and Sanitation), Pollution (Clean and Green Environment), and Human Relations (harmonious Relationship with each other and different communities).


Implementation of India Redefined is divided into six stages, and when integrated, bases itself to a holistic improvement.

As the part of the implementation under AWAKEN INDIA, we have initiated our first project named “I CARE” which aims to get a large number of people motivated by executing simple activities SUCUSSEFULLY, which anyone is free to do. For example – Plant 10 trees and ignites 10 more people to do so. Reduce your Electric bill by 20 percent and ignite 10 more people to do. The key aspects in designing the activities are SIMPLICITY and HIGH SUCCESS RATIO.

 These small activities when participated by large number of Indians will have a vibrant ‘Dominos Effect’. Doing these activities will give the people moral confidence and a sense of achievement to participate in bigger activities. Awakening consists of:

Awareness (which is Gaining knowledge),


Education (or ability to Process knowledge) and


Communication (Spreading of knowledge)


The other projects under India Redefined umbrella are going to be “EDUCATE INDIA" and "Develop Your Own Villagewhich will be launched in coming months.


Youth, studying in colleges are helping to implement “EDUCATE INDIA". Students who are willing to be part of this movement take the oath - “I donate” 6 months of my life in training or education, for those who are underprivileged.”  


In India, education is supposed to be the great equalizer and the primary vehicle for upward mobility. But, the reality today is that all too often, where children are born determines their educational prospects.  Across the country, largest number of children living in poverty have academic and, therefore, life prospects that are dramatically different than those of their peers in wealthier communities. Mission is to build the movement to eliminate educational inequity (in terms of quality of education) by enlisting our nation's most promising future leaders in the effort.  


"I donate" will help in recruiting outstanding college graduates from all backgrounds and career interests to commit to teach for 6 months in urban and rural schools for underprivileged during or immediately after their student life. 

 We appeal to you to join as a Volunteer and put your goodness in this basket of India Redefined

 All work is purely voluntary and no money is asked or paid – because this is your own movement and you should be doing it for yourself.


Team India Redefined