It happened on a train journey in South Africa when a young law graduate was thrown out of the compartments of a train - his fault was that he belonged to a country where the dark-skinned were not looked down upon and he had ventured into a compartment reserved for the fair-skinned. He belonged to a country of slaves which were ruled by the fair-skinned.

This discrimination was the action which set the mind of that law graduate on fire. He came back to India, focussed with a vision towards independence from slavery and discrimination. This was the action which created a Gandhi.

We, in our daily lives, encounter numerous discriminations - after all there are so many factors which our country has given us to discriminate. Caste, creed, religion, social customs and traditions, monetary worth and so on. Are these not good enough factors for any of us to create another Gandhi? Don't we, in our daily lives, face such injustice which makes our stomach turn and our minds set on fire?

After the independence which was achieved on 15th August 1947, did the so-called politicians, who ruled India, create an atmosphere conducive for social amalgamation and economic prosperity?

After all this, if we are still waiting for an action to change the course of our lives in this country, we are simply leaving our country in the hands of vultures. Who are we waiting for, who shall come and redeem us of this misery? Why are we waiting for eternity to raise our voices against any kind of injustice or wrong done to any one of us? Why do we always look upto the west to shield us, to guide us, to protect us and to help us in times of adversity? In short - what is the need of the hour?

The need of the hour is Action. We all, who have undergone some formal education, understand that action has the power to bring about a change.

Action for Change is a movement initiated by Mrs. Ranjana Kanti so that each citizen of this country wakes up to the emergency call. This movement aims to strengthen the voice of the people and become the backbone of support for all people of India who want to see their country as the very best in this world. A brief set of activities which shall be initiated by Action For Change:-

  • Frequent interactions in the society amongst people and discussions on different issues.
  • Participation in various religious customs and traditions for bringing social cohesiveness.
  • Local helpdesks for assisting people in dealing with local, state level and national level government bodies.
  • Volunteers in the field of education to masses in urban and rural centers.
  • Local problem solving teams.
  • Public Grievances Cell which shall act as the interface point between the government bodies and the public.
  • Educating and training people in use of RTI act for their benefit and for the benefit of society.
  • Educating people in usage of their voting rights.
  • Bringing political accountability into our system through proper legal framework.
  • Recognizing corruption and bribery as a social evil and uprooting it.
  • Removing all forms of discrimination or quota to prevent vote-bank politics.

It is the duty of each and every person, who truly believes in the concept of India, to participate in this movement - a movement which has the power to change the face of our society.