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Global Indian Participation

We often receive emails form very intelligent individuals from abroad and in India who are able to articulate what is wrong with INDIA. They have all the figures & statistics of what has gone wrong, what is going wrong and thus conclude what will keep going wrong. The size and quantum of these problems brings a sense of despair and also a hopelessness that nothing can change in this country. Often their solutions are focused on what the government should be doing or others should do.

If we look back at the history too, from Kings to Zamindars to educated and well to do people in India had accepted the British Rule for centuries and were resigned to it....till some motivated individuals refused to accept the status quo. They fought for the Freedom, sacrificed their lives and a time came that people of India started believing that they can get freedom if they all stand together.

It HAPPENED and we have our Freedom.

Similarly, for our second freedom from all that is wrong with the country, we need to stand up ourselves to change the status quo. There is no point blaming the government or others telling about the problems - We All Know It. Time has come to stand up with solutions - OURSELVES. It is like when your own house is on fire, you do not wait for the fire brigade to come and quell the fire.........you start fighting the fire with whatever means you have, even if it is with a bucket of water. Likewise our country is our home and we cannot be bystanders mouthing problems only. We have to start taking the positive action ourselves - and that is what many citizens are doing through INDIA Redefined - ACTION FOR CHANGE.

So come and join us in this positive action to redefine India - make us strong and you will become strong......strong enough to make the changes you seek.

NRIs or Global Indians or even Urban/ Rural Indians can become Coordinators for "Develop Your own Village" Campaign. Interested NRIs or Global Indians can send CV and photo at [email protected] and see the details of this campaign on the link.

NRI can also help INDIA Redefined in Corpus building which will help us scale up our operations and build our capacity on a long term basis. Due to the complex framework for Public Charity Trusts to receive funds internationally we accept funds from accounts in India only (NRO Account).

Please mail at [email protected] to know more about this.

INDIA Redefined has not taken any donation since it started in 2009 till end of 2014 while conducting hundreds of activities PAN India.


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