On… Like minded people…… and comfort zones –

An important thoughtI was provoked into thinking about the subject in terms of comparisons of achievements. Some of the members of India Redefined www.indiaredefined.org A Citizen’s Empowerment movement which I started last year pointed out to me that some of the appointed coordinators do not have the background to justify, in comparison to my own history of accomplishments in social service. Firstly, some or all of us, have at some stage of our lives felt content by our own achievements (even if it was a temporary feeling) and for even smaller reasons. Our egos permit us, that sense of achievement and even give us the benefit of comparing this with lesser mortals who have not put in adequate efforts. I pose this question, as to whom do you think is in a better position to contribute – the person who has achieved something and is “content”, or the person who has not tried at all? In my opinion, for the good of the nation and India Redefined, in particular, the latter brackets of people are more suitable candidates for induction, contribution and growth. A person who does not have the feeling of achievement, at least looks forward to an opportunity to accomplish something. A person who has “been there, done that” has a sense of contentment, which gives him the feeling of a comfort zone, which does not motivate a real solution finder.Another class of associations that we have been building up life long has been with “Like Minded People”. We always warm up to like minded people, be it in our professional lives, personal lives, seeking friendships, in religion, caste, color, state….you name it. We find our own comfort zones to remain content. Like minded people form and participate in political parties – be it Congress or BJP or Samajwadi. Like minded people follow a particular religion – Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Christianity or any other. Like minded people get together to start an enterprise or business or an NGO. While it is good and even important for like minded people to come together in pursuit of an objective – we often stop respecting the other like minded people and their objectives, and sometimes even oppose the views of the others just because they belong to other group of “Like Minded People”. Don’t we often see that one political party opposing all that is being espoused by the other political party, irrespective of the validity or correctness of the issue or action? This is a typical example of “Like-minded thinking” of one group dividing people rather than uniting people. History is replete with examples in our nation formation, from Raja’s choosing like minded people as their minions, to state’s being formed on this principle….and now also being further subdivided, seeking the same lines of justification!It is time for us to think about the whole nation as a set of different-minded people, who want to do something positive to build this nation, with unity. We need to seek and build on this principle of unity in diversity. No longer can we think in terms of religion, caste, creed as divisive factors. Just because we speak same language and have similar food, does not mean people speaking a different language or having a different cuisine need to be opposed, made fun of or not respected. “Unity in Diversity” is what India is and what we should be accepting to make India a great nation to be proud of. We need to search for a commonality, goodness and unifying activities that can get us on a common platform of nation building. Let us get out of that comfort zone of being with like minded people and think of ways that can unite all of us with a common goal and agenda. The unity of our participants, should be a mind-changing and behavioral change, which can achieve a common goal.I was a person who did something for the country and felt content about it, thinking that I had done my bit. I have seen the change in perception, after getting out of my comfort zone, in starting this movement which will take us to a newer horizon, with the combined efforts of all. Let it not be a dream shared by a few, but an effort, determined by all India Redefined participants, in driving our destiny, as a nation. Let us get out of our comfort zones………..and find not just like-minded people, but interact with all towards our brighter future with anyone irrespective of any ideology, philosophy, political, regional or religious affiliations. India Redefined asks to fulfill ISR-Individual Social Responsibility.