Ranjana Kanti is the co-founder, visionary and a grassroots worker behind INDIA Redefined which is a non-political Citizen�s Empowerment Movement. Thousands of people have come together on this common platform INDIA Redefined, irrespective of their religion, political affiliations, language, state, caste etc. She is also a co-founder of E-dutainment Unlimited, providing training in animation & graphics. Ranjana earned her bachelor�s in English from Delhi University, by training an Animator and Graphic Designer and is also a post graduate in social enterprise management from Mumbai University. She has been working for the social causes for the last two decades which includes:

  • Under Ranjana�s leadership, INDIA Redefined the non political a citizen�s empowerment movement, is actually becoming people�s movement day by day, creating responsible, empowered citizens by bringing about �Behavioral Change� throughout the country and awakening people to take up local causes like environmental, education, health, governance etc. She has identified many people, motivated them and made them committed individuals, to work on voluntary basis with Central Advisory Committee and Working Committee of India Redefined movement, who have expertise, passion and skill in Information Technology, Writing and Communication, Events organizing, Project conceptualizing and project writing (for participatory projects), Speakers, Peace and Unity Group. In different cities she is guiding people to set up such Working Committee for India Redefined movement. She has made Coordinators in different cities and Student coordinators in many colleges.
  • And motivated many ordinary citizen�s to instill a sense of citizen�s responsibility (ISR- Individual Social Responsibility) and awareness of citizen�s rights. Under her guidance students have participated in India Redefined's Youth campaign for Green, Clean, Peaceful, United India . Thousands of ordinary Indian Citizen's participated in "I Care" Project. Youth, studying in colleges, are helping to implement �EDUCATE INDIA", a dream of Ranjana. By giving a structure to those who 'Desire to do Something', by creating an opportunity for Indians to achieve small successes in doing something for the society� something within their own resources and available time � a simple successful activity, that would not only be beneficial at a larger scale but also provide the motivation to strive for bigger changes � Ranjana is motivating ordinary citizens to be the CHANGE they wish INDIA to become. �Clean Home Competition for Slums�, Flood Relief works, Tree plantation Projects, Free Eye Check-up camp, awareness about the pollution level in RIVER, campaigns to sensitize the local people about their heritage and culture.
  • Providing free training in graphics & animation to economically weak youths . On an average, every quarter 5-10 such youths were trained for free. Free seminars, lectures & workshops to increase awareness of Multimedia as a career at various organizations e.g. YMCA, Schools & Colleges. Assistance in placement of these students after successful training completion, to make them economically independent.

  • Social Work for Blinds, Making audio cassettes from books which are not available in Braille. Motivating others to do the same. Selection of relevant articles, news items for Braille Press. Counseling and problem solving for visually handicapped persons. Coordinating with the Principal & Staff on behalf of visually handicapped children for admissions in normal schools and overseeing a smooth subsequent transition & integration with other normal children. Teaching and reading to visually handicapped students due to lack of books in Braille. Arranging writers for blinds for their exams.
  • Providing non formal education to street children and the children of migratory construction workers. Working all alone initially developed a rapport with a group of 85 such children and their parents. Conducted basic education through games, books & activities like story telling, craft etc. in open public spaces like Stations, grounds, public garden etc. Arranged for a proper classroom from a school for social causes and involved organizations to take over the responsibility of providing teachers for structured education process. Assisted in developing syllabus and activities for these children till such time that the whole process was running smoothly. Providing guidance and helping to conduct cultural and craft activities in Underprivileged Schools. Organized numerous Folk Dances, Qawwali and Drama for these schools. Guided/ assisted students and teacher in model making, theme decoration. Assisted teachers in concept and execution of tableau of various themes. Presided as judge for various competitions in such schools.
  • Free tuition for children from illiterate parents who are not able to cope up with the studies at school.
  • Free computer literacy for senior citizens in E-dutainment Unlimited.
  • Helped set up training and later business for economically deprived housewives in "Saree Fall Stitching", "Tailoring & Hand Embroidery", "Spice Grinding & Packaging" �sweets making�, �Snacks making, packing and supplying to local shops� etc.
  • Initiated Vermi-culture projects in housing societies, including training on garbage segregation etc. Conducted seminar, programmes & campaigns on Environmental conservation, relocation of street hawkers, vegetable vendors at a designated place, extra garbage collection dumps & dustbins placed at extra location for improved cleanliness.
  • Represented economically weak parents in school for fees concessions.
  • Undertook awareness programs in slums regarding importance of vaccinations, cleanliness & hygiene, education etc.
  • She has organized street plays to give visibility to common causes as communal harmony and lives of riot affected people, population, anti plastic, corruption.

Awards & Coverage:

  • 'The Best Humanitarian Initiative of the Year' award for INDIA Redefined in Dec. 2009.
  • Global Youth Leadership Award 2009 (Sole awardee under Social Work category).
  • Women of Substance award by �Stree Shakti� in 2007.
  • Have been covered as an Individual by various Newspapers, Magazines and TV channels for her works for economic empowerment of urban slum youth and INDIA Redefined.
  • Have been invited to various forums like Rotary, Events, Conferences, and institutions for giving a talk on INDIA Redefined. Invited as a Chief Guest in different colleges, schools to give speeches to youth in different cities. Her talks are on these topics:
    • �Creating India of tomorrow�.
    • �Inspiring Citizen�s �
    • �An Idea worth Spreading�
    • �Philanthropy�
    • �The Journey of My Life�
    • �ISR-Individual Social Responsibility�
    • �Citizen Empowerment�



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