What INDIA Redefined visionary says

Mr. Anurag Kanti is a Marine Engineer by Training and an Entrepreneur by nature. A graduate (1976-80) of Marine Engineering College (MERI/ DMET), Kolkata, he holds Chief Engineer’s License from U.K. After sailing for 15 years as Chief Engineer in Merchant Navy, he worked in senior management positions in manufacturing, utilities and then Information Technology sectors. As entrepreneurs, Anurag with Jaidev founded E-dutainment Unlimited & Redstreet Productions in 2005, which are into eLearning development and TV Ad/ Corporate AV production respectively. Anurag is the visionary & thought leader of INDIA Redefined and a Founder Trustee of Thinking Hearts Foundation.

Hi, I request you all to read the attached article - It is something what is around the core thought of INDIA Redefined - Behavioral Change by helping people to do simple activities and "I CARE" project is based on that.

This article shows how these youth in Bangalore are doing something without talking about big strategies, funding, processes etc by keeping it simple.
Ideally we should get in touch with such people and support their cause with volunteers from IR helping them. They can continue with their identity and IR volunteer can continue with IR identity - more important is coming together on one platform and doing some thing useful which will change the people and their thinking. Yatish is well placed in Bangalore to initiate how this can be done. Similarly at other places we should be taking similar initiatives taking reference of "I CARE" or even this article and think up of sustainable activities in their own areas and do it with other existing NGOs or alone under IR.

We all need to first understand and embrace the core thought of INDIA Redefined and think in more innovative ways than of running a standard NGO organization. Too often, many of us get more concerned with ownership of ideas, glory and recognition, name registration and other issues which are not primary - what is most important is As a citizen do what you are supposed to do and in due course others will also start doing what they are supposed to do. By not doing your part and being interested in only telling others what they should be doing, we Indians are where we are today. Time has come to change our approach even if takes longer- it is an approach which can only bring a systemic overhaul and change in the long run. Nobody can stop you if you want to clean your area, you want to take care of environment, you want to educate people - this is your duty and responsibility as the citizen.Yes, if you are taking out agitations, morchas and pointing finger at others without having done anything yourself, you can expect trouble.

I am writing this just to give you all an indication and clarity on the core thought behind IR so that you all can take it forward in the right manner.